Registered Massage Therapy on Eglinton

Massage therapy is one of the oldest, and effective, form of medical care. It is also termed as a simple form of medical care. Popular since the ancient times, massage therapy has gained worldwide popularity due to its effectiveness, comfort it provides, and healing properties.

Top Benefits of Getting Massage Therapy

A massage soothes and relaxes the body muscles, promotes blood flow in the body, and offers numerous other benefits. Have a look at these benefits in detail:

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Provides Relief from Stress

It is a known fact that stress greatly disturbs our quality of life. Whether it is work-related or personal problems are the reasons for stress, you can get relief from it by getting a massage therapy from a reputed center for massage on Eglinton Ave West. It can also reduce anxiety and lower the effects of depression as it brings down the cortisone levels in our body, which is a stress hormone. Furthermore, with stress, the dopamine and oxytocin also get released, which are responsible for providing relief from stress and reducing depression and anxiety.

Improved Flexibility

With massage therapy, the muscle fibers of our body get stretched. This results in our joints having an increased range of motion. Therefore, flexibility improves and there is a reduced risk of injury. This is the major reason why many sportsmen opt for massage treatment as it makes them less prone to get injuries.

Useful for Insomniacs

The adverse effects of insomnia are known to one and all. The person suffering from this condition doesn’t get enough sleep. Consequently, their focus and concentration get hampered. Furthermore, their chances of suffering from stress also surge up. There are numerous other adverse effects of insomnia i.e. a weak immune system, increased inflammation etc.
This problem, and the issues resulting due to it, can be controlled with the help of a massage therapy from a reputed center for physiotherapy massage on Eglinton and Dufferin. It has been proven in studies that massage therapy helps people to fall asleep easier and have a restorative sleep.

Improves Immunity

It is certainly not a hidden fact that there are various factors that have left us with a weak immune system. These include stress, increased intake of unhealthy food products that lack vital nutrients, lack of sleep etc. A weak immune system, as we all know, results in increased chances of suffering from illnesses and disorders. The need of the hour is to take immediate measures that can increase our immune system and one of the most effective ways is to go for massage therapy. This form of medical care can help to improve our natural ability to heal and improve the recovery period as well. This will result in quick recovery from certain conditions such as colds, flu, infections etc.

Alleviates the Pain

Any kind of pain, whether it is acute, chronic or is a result of an injury, it can be alleviated with the help of massage therapy. The best part of this therapy is that it has no side effects. Even if the pain doesn’t go away completely, it can be reduced up to great extent with the help of this therapy.
It is to be noted that there is not one but numerous types of massages. The type of massage therapy will work for you, it will your therapist recommend after thoroughly evaluating your condition. Apart from providing respite from pain, massage therapy can also help in reducing or completely eliminating spasms, and muscle cramps.

Improved Blood Circulation

It is important for our body to have a consistent blood circulation. Poor blood flow can result in numerous serious conditions. Particularly for pregnant women, it can prove to be fatal. A person with a poor blood flow may get frequent headaches and feel dizzy or fatigues. Furthermore, there is also a possibility of them having difficulty breathing.
With massage therapy, blood circulation improves. The pressure exerted on our body on certain points during regulates blood flow and improves its circulation. Apart from that, the lactic acid our muscles have, it gets drained from the body. Most importantly, it can also prove to be useful for people who have a high blood pressure problem.

Assists Healing

The healing process, particularly after heavy injuries, generally take a lot of time. Athletes and other sports players have to spend a lot of time out of the ground during this process. Most of them opt for physiotherapy; however, it doesn’t completely prevent injuries and provide complete respite from the pain. Coupled with physical therapy, massage can help a great deal when it comes to healing procedure. Since it improves flexibility, posture, and circulation, healing process quickens and injured athlete is fit to take part in games again.

Apart from the above-mentioned ones, massage therapy can provide numerous other health benefits as well. These include:

  • Stimulating the nervous system
  • Decreasing the frequency of headaches and migraines
  • Helping the body to get in a relaxed state
  • Improving the performance of exercise
  • Managing different chronic pains

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