Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is basically the use of hands for carrying out therapy procedures in physiotherapy. There is no utilization of machines or devices of any kind, this is the reason it is called manual therapy. The major purpose of this therapy is to alleviate muscle pain. However, it can be used for treating certain other health conditions as well.

The person doing manual therapy (manual therapist) must have a deep understanding of pressure points on the body. Furthermore, they must also be aware of locations of muscles. Therefore, it is recommended to visit a reliable center for manual therapy in North York.

Uses of Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is recommended for those who are suffering from these health conditions:

  • Stiff muscles
  • Muscle pain
  • Painful joints
  • Inflammation of soft tissues

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Benefits of Manual Therapy

This form of physiotherapy offers numerous benefits. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

Quick Relief from Pain

With manual therapy, you can get quick relief from pain. Generally, right after a session of manual therapy, the pain is alleviated and the patient is at ease.

Lasting Solution

It is termed as a lasting solution as it provides long term relief from the pain. Apart from eliminating pain, it prevents it from recurring as well.

Improved Mobility

Manual therapy is often included in knee and hip rehab programs as it helps patients to have improved mobility. With the help of this therapy, they can walk and stand without facing any sort of discomfort and difficulty. Furthermore, they can also resume their routine activities after regular therapy sessions.

Lessens the Chances of Surgery

Doctors recommend their patients to undergo surgery in severe cases only where there is no other treatment option left. Surgeries, as we all know, can have adverse effects as well. Thus, many avoid getting them and prefer other forms of treatments to recover.
If you are getting manual therapy, the symptoms for a particular condition you are suffering from may get eliminated or reduced. Therefore, the need for the surgery may also be avoided.

Helps Quick Recovery After Surgery

If, surgery is inevitable for a patient to recover completely from the ailment they are suffering from, manual therapy can still prove to be beneficial for them. Regular sessions of manual therapy from a reputed health care center can strengthen their muscles. Thus, they will face fewer problems post-surgery and healing duration will be less. They will be able to resume their routine activities in a shorter period of time.

Helps to Recover from a Stroke

It often happens when a person suffers from a stroke, their body functions get affected even after the treatment has completed. Some patients also experience decreased range of motions. In such a scenario, manual therapy can help them to recover completely. The areas of the patient’s body that have weakened, they are targeted so that the patient can have improved mobility and increased range of motions.

Helps to Recover from a Sports Injury

Injuries are regular part and parcel of the game for sportsmen and athletes. However, there are some injuries that can keep them away from the ground for a prolonged period. However, with manual therapy, their healing period can be reduced. Their weakened muscles are specifically targeted so that they can recover quickly.

Prevents Falls

If a person has an improved balance and coordination, they are less likely to fall and suffer injuries. You can also improve your coordination and balance by getting manual massage therapy. It includes certain exercises that can strengthen muscles and enhance coordination while improving balance.

Beneficial for Women’s Health

Post-delivery and during pregnancy, women face different issues. Their muscles, in particular, weaken. This is why they face difficulty in carrying out their routine activities. However, if they are getting regular sessions of manual massage therapy. They will face fewer problems as their muscles will have improved strength.

Beneficial for Older People

Older people are more to suffer from certain issues and health conditions as their bones and muscles get weak. With these issues, their quality of life decreases and they face difficulties in performing their routine jobs. Manual massage therapy can from an experienced physiotherapist can help them to tackle age-related issues. This way, their muscles gain strength.

Improves Breathing

Breathing and other body functions get vastly disturbed if a person suffers from lung, heart or other vascular diseases. In such conditions, manual therapy sessions can prove to be beneficial. They help to improve breathing and manage certain other vascular conditions and diabetes.

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Manual Therapy Eglinton Toronto

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