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“Health is wealth”; this is an undeniable fact. At Body Dynamics, we aim to help our patients becoming healthy and living a ‘wealthy’ life. For this, we provide them with advanced facilities, professional care, and top of the line services that help them to heal from the pains they are experiencing and live a healthy, prosperous life.

Body Dynamics is a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation center and health care clinic where people with different conditions and injuries are treated. We are dedicated and committed to providing our patients with the best experience. Therefore, you can schedule an appointment at Body Dynamics and expect nothing but the best services.

Roja Rohani
Roja Rohani Registered Physiotherapist

Body Dynamics – The Most reliable Physiotherapy Clinic in North York

Have a look at some of the most compelling reasons to choose us:

A Multi-Disciplinary Rehabilitation Center

As stated above, it is a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation center where you can find treatment for numerous conditions. Whether you have suffered an injury or are experiencing pain in any part of your body, contact us and our experienced medical team will use most-effective ways to treat you. People who have gotten sports injuries or other types of injuries caused by any sort of accident, they can also schedule an appointment at Body Dynamics and get alleviated from the painful conditions they are suffering from.

Non-Invasive Ways of Treatment

At Body Dynamics, we follow non-invasive ways of treatment. Our medical team consists of expert chiropractors and physiotherapists. Instead of giving medications to treat patients, they use the most effective treatments such as physiotherapy or chiropractic to provide our patients relief from pain and cure them. Due to our top-quality non-invasive treatment methods, we have become the top North York physiotherapy clinic you can rely on.


Unlike other health care centers in North York, our professional medical experts do not rush through the appointments. They pay attention to the condition of every patient and devote ample time to them to ensure they are diagnosed properly. Once the diagnosis process ends, an appropriate and effective treatment plan is drafted by them. This plan is formed after considering numerous factors i.e. their age, physical condition, medical history, any other ailment, gender etc.

Expert Guidance and Supervision

Certain physiotherapy exercises are recommended by qualified physiotherapists in our renowned physiotherapy clinic on Eglinton and Dufferin. For better results, these exercises must be performed under the guidance of experts for which you can visit us. They will guide you in performing these exercises in a proper manner so that you can avail maximum benefits from them and heal quickly.

Top-Quality Products

There are certain products that can help patients to recover quickly. These products include orthopedic shoes, braces, compression stockings etc. To get these products in premium quality can prove to be a tough task due to a number of options available. At Body Dynamics, you can buy these products in high-quality from us. We have a professional team that is dedicated to manufacturing customized products that fit our patients perfectly. All the products we manufacture as they can last for a longer time.

Convenience for Patients

We thrive to provide comfort and convenience to our patients. This is why we have an online appointment scheduling system in place. With the help of this system, you can book an appointment with our qualified medical expert online and all the hassles of waiting at the lobby for your turn will be eliminated. This feature also helps our patients to select any time for the appointment that is convenient for them. You can find online appointment booking feature on our website; simply enter your details and your appointment will be confirmed.

Professional Team of Experts

We are known as a reliable rehabilitation, chiropractic, and physiotherapy center in North York because of our professional team of experts. They are highly-qualified, professional, and skilled experts. Furthermore, they have years of experience in treating patients with different painful conditions. Using their expertise and experience, they can assist you in providing relief from pain and curing you.

A Reliable Health Care Center for Physiotherapy on Eglinton West

Body Dynamics has earned the reputation of a reliable health care center for physiotherapy on Eglinton West. Our professionalism, top-quality care and treatment, budget-friendly rates are some of the factors that have helped us to achieve this status. We enjoy great reputation across Toronto as people who suffer from different conditions and require non-invasive ways of treatments only trust us for their treatment.

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If you require more information, call us on 647-799-2686. You can also get in touch with us by using the live chat feature on our website.